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1:many meetings & group calls

Classrooms and webinars

Large group calls

Daily.co calls can have up to 200 participants. However, browser-based video calls are not well-suited to calls in which 200 people all have their cameras on at the same time. That many simultaneous video feeds uses too much network and CPU.


  1. For uses like webinars and online classrooms, which are 1:many meetings, use broadcast mode. (See next section.)
  2. For other uses cases that involve multiple camera feeds, it is strongly recommended to have only 6-8 cameras on at any given time. (The exact number depends on variables like devices and networks.) Configure the call so users join with cameras muted.

Webinar & live streams: "broadcast" use cases

200-person calls work great for classroom and webinar use cases, with one or two people "broadcasting" video and audio, and everyone else watching/listening.

Setting the owner_only_broadcast room property enables this "broadcast" mode. Meeting owners can send audio and video. For other users, camera, microphone, and screen sharing are disabled and the camera, microphone, and screen share buttons are not displayed in the menu bar.

A meeting owner is either someone who joins via a meeting token that has the is_owner property set to true, or is a logged in Daily.co user that belongs to your Daily.co team.

If text chat is enabled for the room, all participants can send chat messages.

Group chat: start off, but allow cam on

For some use cases (like classrooms), you might want to instead set start_audio_off and start_video_off for the room, then give the teacher a meeting token with those two properties set to false. Please see room properties and meeting tokens.

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1:many meetings & group calls

Classrooms and webinars

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