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Get started with Daily

Daily is a developer platform built on WebRTC. Our APIs let developers add real time video and audio calls to any app or site. With just a few lines of code, you can embed a video call widget, which works across browsers and devices with built-bandwidth management. Developers also can build custom video UI/UX with our front-end libraries and REST APIs. We handle all the hard things about common video call use cases for you, with sensible defaults. And we’re always here to help, if you have questions or need sample code.

Video call interface with four participant videos on desktop and one video displayed large on mobile Daily can help you add video chat to your websites and apps in minutes.

Ways to build with Daily

There are a few ways to jump in with Daily today: experiment in the dashboard to get to know Daily’s feature set; embed Daily Prebuilt; use the REST API server-side to create and manage rooms, or build an entirely custom video chat interface on top of the Daily call object API.

The dashboard lets you instantly create, configure, and test a Daily room URL. Jump to the guide.

Daily Prebuilt makes it possible to embed a working video chat widget into a website or app. Jump to the guide.

The Daily REST API allows you to programmatically manage rooms and room access from your server application. Jump to the guide.

A custom interface is built on top of the Daily call object API, which gives you fine grained control over call primitives like audio and video tracks, so you can build an entirely custom video chat interface. Jump to the guide.

Daily features

Daily PrebuiltCustom interface
Ready-to-use video chat interface
Customizable video chat interface
Direct access to video and audio track data
Ability to create custom video and audio tracks
Built-in bandwidth management
Cross-browser compatibility
Screen sharing🔨*
Active speaker and grid layout modes🔨
Text chat🔨
Participant list🔨
Network analytics display🔨
Localized interfaces🔨
Electron compatible
Compatible with React Native

* Our APIs provide all the plumbing and scaffolding to build this experience yourself, but you’ll still need to wire up our client library methods in conjunction with your own UI code.

Scale plan features

RecordingRecording is a Scale plan feature. Read more about our pricing.
HIPAA complianceBuilding a HIPAA compliant chat with Daily is only available on the Scale plan, and involves a few additional steps to set up. Learn about HIPAA compliant video calls with Daily.

Guides and resources

We wrote these guides to (hopefully!) help you get up and running with Daily fast.

Product guides

Best practices and reference materials