July 17, 2020

Changelog #001

Welcome to our first changelog!

These will be weekly posts to highlight all the work we're doing here at Daily!

Dashboard Updates

Daily dashboard create room page and room list

Update room settings in the dashboard. We want the Rooms tab to be the primary place where developers go to create rooms while they're testing. You could already create and delete rooms from the dashboard, but we know that viewing and changing settings is just as important. Now you can do all of that to speed up your testing.

Update account settings. To make things more self-serve, we added the ability for:

  • Admins to change the role of their teammates
  • Users can securely modify their email

HIPAA. In the same vein, we're including a simple addition to the Settings tab for HIPAA accounts. The goal of this feature is to make troubleshooting easier for both our users and our support team.

Lastly, we invested some time resolving bugs and tuning performance.


See full 0.9.992 release notes


  • Added Track subscription APIs and live streaming APIs
  • Desktop audio now works when sharing screen
  • Added support for multiple concurrent iframe-based calls on a page
  • Added TypeScript type declarations
  • Added Polish language support


  • Fixed Safari screen sharing from iframe-based call
  • Fixed prior meeting state leaking into local state in next meeting

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