Support mobile with the Daily video SDK

Daily offers a variety of options to support mobile in your video applications:

React Native: Building with react-native-daily-js

react-native-daily-js is the React Native counterpart to daily-js. React Native developers can build on top of the same daily-js infrastructure that web developers do.


To get started building a mobile application with react-native-daily-js, head over to the react-native-daily-js reference docs.

React Native demo apps

To see an example of how to build a React Native video chat app, see our playground video chat demo.

For an audio-only chat app example, see our Party Line demo app.

React Native blog posts

Daily Client SDKs for Android and iOS

The Daily Client SDKs for Android and iOS allow you to build video and audio calling into your native mobile applications.


Reference our Android and iOS documentation for more information on implementation.


For installation instructions, follow the Android or iOS installation guides.


To learn more about building native Android and iOS apps with the Daily Client SDKs, read our introductory guide, including a Hello, world example for Android and iOS.

Demo apps

To see a working example of how to interact with the Daily Client SDKs for Android and iOS, see our public demo apps:

Mobile SDK blog posts

Mobile web

Your users also can simply use Chrome on Android or Safari on iOS to join a Daily video call. Learn more in our tutorial about using Daily in a mobile browser.