Using the react-native-daily-js library

JavaScript for mobile call management

react-native-daily-js is the React Native counterpart to daily-js. If you’ve worked with daily-js or read our documentation, using react-native-daily-js will feel familiar.

With our React Native library you can:

  • Manage call lifecycle and participant state
  • Respond to in-call events

Minimum OS/SDK versions

react-native-daily-js supports the following OS/SDK versions:

  • iOS: Deployment target >= 10.0
  • Android: minSdkVersion >= 23

Installing the library

The easiest way to get started is to install react-native-daily-js along with its peer dependencies using npm (referring to the README for up-to-date versions).

npm i @daily-co/react-native-daily-js @react-native-async-storage/async-storage@^1.15.7 react-native-background-timer@^2.3.1
npm i --save-exact @daily-co/react-native-webrtc@111.0.0-daily.2

After that:

Once you’ve successfully installed the library and configured your project, you can join a call like you would in daily-js:

To finish wiring up the call to your UI, continue following these instructions.

We've also created a demo app if you prefer to start with a few building blocks.

Daily supports versions of daily-js and react-native-daily-js released in the past six months.

We recommend updating your Daily libraries regularly to access our latest features and to ensure the version you are using is currently supported.

Heads up! Daily Prebuilt, our embeddable video chat UI, is not currently supported in react-native-daily-js. Please use daily-js if you'd like to use Daily Prebuilt.