Get started with Daily

Explore all the ways to build or embed video and audio chat applications with the Daily API.

Design custom experiences

Create custom video and audio layouts with Daily's Client SDKs.

Embed a video chat widget

Add video calls to your app or website in minutes with Daily Prebuilt.


Programmatically create rooms, tokens and more.


Build multi-platform audio-only communities with the Daily API.


Develop mobile applications using Daily SDKs.

AI Toolkits

Build AI-powered workflows for audio and video calls.

Try Daily Prebuilt

Pick your settings, then click "Start demo" to run an embedded video call.

Configure demo

Set the language for the demo's video call UI.

Enter your name and configure camera and mic before joining.

View network stats, like packet loss and bitrate, during the call.

Enable screen sharing during the demo.

Enable text chat during the demo.