Using the daily-js front-end library

JavaScript for video call and UI management

With this library you can:

To use daily-js, you can load the library in a <script> tag or bundle with webpack and other tools.

Installing daily-js

Loading the library in a script tag

You can use this library from a <script> tag, as a CommonJS-style module with require, or as an ES6-style module with import (including within a <script type="module"> context).

The easiest way to get started is to load this library from unpkg, and add a couple of lines of code to your web page or app.

Bundling with webpack and other tools

Of course, you can also use a bundler like webpack or rollup.

npm install @daily-co/daily-js

Then in your application code:

Daily supports versions of daily-js and react-native-daily-js released in the past six months.

We recommend updating your Daily libraries regularly to access our latest features and to ensure the version you are using is currently supported.