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A POST request to / sets top-level configuration options for your domain.

The request returns a domain object on success. On failure, it returns an HTTP error.

Set a domain property:

To unset any domain configuration property — in other words, to reset any property to its default value — set the property to null. For example:

Body params



Sets whether all rooms under the domain use Daily Prebuilt or the previous video chat interface.

default: false for existing customers; true for new signups

⚠️ This property will eventually be deprecated, once Daily Prebuilt is the only available interface experience.

Default: true | false (see above)

Determines whether participants enter a waiting room with a camera, mic, and browser check before joining a call in any room under this domain.

⚠️ You must be using Daily Prebuilt to use enable_prejoin_ui. You must also have signaling_impl set to "ws".

Default: true

Determines whether the network button, and the network panel it reveals on click, appears across all rooms belonging to this domain.

default: false

⚠️ You must be using Daily Prebuilt to use enable_network_ui.

Default: false

Whether "Powered by Daily" displays in the in-call UI.


(For meetings that open in a separate browser tab.) When a user clicks on the in-call menu bar's "leave meeting" button, the browser loads this URL. A query string that includes a parameter of the form recent_call=<domain>/<room> is appended to the URL. On mobile, you can redirect to a deep link to bring a user back into your app.


Email us at help@daily.co to turn on HIPAA. Learn more about our HIPAA compliance.


Whether to automatically start recording when an Intercom support agent joins an Intercom-created call. Please see our Intercom Messenger App page for more information.

⚠️This method is read-only; please contact us if you'd like to enable intercom call auto-recording.


The default language for the video call UI, for all calls.

If you set the language at this domain level, you can still override the setting for specific rooms in a room's configuration properties, or for a specific participant in a meeting token.

You can also set the language dynamically using the front-end library setDailyLang() method.

Options: "en","de","fi","fr","nl","pt","pl","sv","es","tr","it","ka","jp","no","user"
Default: "en"

Sets a URL that will receive a webhook when a user joins a room.

Default: NULL