startTranscription({ language, model })


Room owners can start transcription services when transcription is configured on the Daily domain (see enable_transcription under Domain Configuration)

You can start the service by calling startTranscription() on your call object.

Optionally pass a language and/or model option.

NameTypeDescriptionDefault value
languagestringSee Deepgram's documentation for language'en'
modelstringSee Deepgram's documentation for model'general'

Transcription message data is passed from the transcription service to the Daily call object via the app-message event. These transcription app-message events will have a fromId of "transcription".

By listening to app-message events emitted from the transcription service, text can be received and handled by your application. It's helpful to also listen for the is_final attribute to receive only completed sentences instead of sentence fragments.

Below is an example of listening and logging transcription messages in the browser console:

It has no effect if transcription is not enabled.