Dial-in events

Daily's dial-in events can help you monitor and respond to SIP/PSTN Dialin:

Attach a credit card to your Daily account to start using this feature.



Emitted when sip worker is ready to receive call for sip-dialin case. It is only emitted when room sip dial-in is set.


Emitted when the session with the remote end is established, i.e. sip end_point or pstn connectd to daily room.

Note: connected does not mean media (audio or video) has started flowing between the daily room and pstn, it means daily-room received the connection request and both endpoints are negotiating the media flow.


Emitted when the remote end disconnects the call.


Emitted in the case of errors which are fatal and the service cannot proceed. For example, an error in SDP negotiation is fatal to the media/SIP pipeline and will result in dialin-error being triggered.


Emitted for all participants when there is a non-fatal error, such as the selected codec not being used and a fallback codec being utilized