Returns an object with the total participant counts for both present (or active) and hidden (or passive) participants in the current call.

These values are useful when participant count information is needed but additional participant information is not. They are also useful when a room is configured to accommodate large broadcast meetings where not all participants are considered "present".

"Present" refers to all active participants in a call who are providing a presence record, e.g. those who are able to turn on devices. Present participants will have entries in the participants() return value.

"Hidden" participants are those who have passively joined a call. They will not have entries in the participants() return value.

Setting a participant to "hidden" is a feature being introduced in an upcoming announcement related to large meetings. It will be available in a forthcoming release.

The sum of the present and hidden participant count values will be the total number of participants joined in a call.

participantCounts() will include the local participant in its totals, either as hidden or present depending on the local participant's status.

participantCounts() values will only be updated once the participant has officially joined a call. This does not include when a participant has only completed optional pre-join steps, such as pre-authenticating via preAuth() or using the startCamera() method to access local devices.