Sets the user interface language for Daily Prebuilt.

Using setDailyLang() with the Daily call object

In custom applications built on the Daily call object, the setDailyLang() and getDailyLang() methods can be used to change and retrieve a user’s language preference in a way that is consistent with how Daily Prebuilt would do it. Using these methods ensures that if a room’s language is set via the dashboard or the REST API, the UI will match.

Currently supported language values are:

  • "de": German
  • "en": English
  • "es": Spanish
  • "fi": Finnish
  • "fr": French
  • "it": Italian
  • "jp": Japanese
  • "ka": Georgian
  • "nl": Dutch
  • "no": Norwegian
  • "pt": Portuguese (Portugal)
  • "pt-BR": Portuguese (Brazil)
  • "pl": Polish
  • "ru": Russian
  • "sv": Swedish
  • "tr": Turkish
  • "user": Uses the browser's current language setting (defaults to English if the language is not one of the above supported language)

More ways to update the Daily Prebuilt language setting