For Daily Prebuilt, customIntegrations() returns all currently configured integrations. There are several options for who can start and stop integrations in a Prebuilt session. See the configuration options below.

See the documentation for the customIntegrations property of the DailyCall as well as the setCustomIntegrations() method to learn how to set custom integrations in a Daily Prebuilt call.

You can return active integrations by calling customIntegrations() on your Daily Prebuilt frame.

Properties that can be set via setCustomIntegrations()

NameTypeDescriptionDefault value
allowstringUsage: allow: HTMLIFrameElement['allow'];

Specifies the feature policy for the iframe.
controlledBy'*' | 'owners' | string[] Specifies who in the call is able to start and stop this integration.

'*' means all participants can start and stop this integration.

'owners' means only meeting owners can start and stop.

string[] defines the list of participants identified by their session_id.
cspstringSpecifies the Content Security Policy for the iframe.

Please check browser support before using this property - here & here.

iconUrlstringSpecifies a publicly available URL to an icon image file associated with the integration.
labelstringUsed to render the integration's name in Prebuilt.
loadingstring'eager' | 'lazy'
By default integrations will be loaded lazily.
location'main' | 'sidebar'Daily supports two different types of custom integrations:

1. Main call area integrations
2. Sidebar integrations
namestringUsage: name: HTMLIFrameElement['name']; A unique name for the iframe.
referrerPolicystringUsage: referrerPolicy: HTMLIFrameElement['referrerPolicy'];

Indicates which referrer to send when fetching the frame's resource.
sandboxstringUsage: sandbox: string

A unique policy for the iframe. Applies extra restrictions to the content in the frame.

For more info see
shared'owners' | string[] | boolean When configured, it shares the integration's state with other participants in the call:
- true will share with all other participants
- false won't share
'owners' will share with owners only
- string[] will share with participants with given list of session ids

- When the integration is started, it will also be started for other participants with whom it is shared.
- When it's stopped, it will stop for all participants with whom it is shared.
srcstringUsage: src: HTMLIFrameElement['src'];

The iframe's source URL.

For more info see
srcdocstringUsage: srcdoc: HTMLIFrameElement['srcdoc'];

Allows you to integrate inline HTML in an iframe.

For more info see

To see if your browser supports this, read here

Here is an example if you wanted to read the current configuration for a Miro integration: