A GET request to /rooms returns a list of rooms in your domain.

Rooms are returned sorted by created_at_time in reverse chronological order (your most recent room comes first; oldest latest).

Each call to this endpoint fetches a maximum of 100 room objects.

The response body consists of two fields: total_count and data.

The total_count field is the total number of rooms in the domain. The count includes rooms outside the scope of the request, e.g. if you’ve created +100 rooms, exceeding the request limit, or if you’ve provided started_before or ending_before arguments.

The data field is a list of room objects.

Query params


Sets the number of rooms listed

Returns room objects created before a provided room id

Returns room objects created after a provided room id

Example request

When a room object is returned by an API call, only configuration options that differ from the defaults are included in the config struct.

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