A DELETE request to /rooms/:name deletes a room.

If the requested room is found and deleted, this API endpoint returns two fields in the response body: deleted (set to true), and the room name.

If the room is not found (and, therefore, cannot be deleted) the endpoint returns an HTTP 404 error.

If the room exists but its exp time has passed, the endpoint returns an HTTP error exactly as above, but with the addition of a deleted field, set to true. In general, expired rooms are treated by API endpoints as having been implicitly deleted. And, in fact, they will eventually be deleted by a collector process that runs periodically. But in rare cases you may want to know that your API call has deleted an expired room.

Path params


Defaults to a randomly generated string A room name can include only the uppercase and lowercase ascii letters, numbers, dash and underscore. In other words, this regexp detects an invalid room name: /[^A-Za-z0-9_-]/.

Together, the domain name and the room name cannot exceed 41 characters. You'll get an error if you try to create a room with a name that's too long.

Example requests

Delete a room

Room not found to delete