useCallFrame(): DailyCall

This hook manages a call frame instance in order to embed Daily Prebuilt. When manually managing call frame instances in React, it's easy to run into issues, like Error: Duplicate DailyIframe instances are not allowed, specifically in React's Strict Mode. useCallFrame() helps prevent that.

Params (optional)

useCallFrame accepts the same configuration options as createFrame().

parentElHTMLElementIf specified, Daily's iframe will be appended to the referenced element. Otherwise it will be appended as a child of document.body.
optionsDailyFactoryOptionsContains all factory properties that are passed to createFrame(). Check DailyCall properties for details.
shouldCreateInstanceFunctionOptional callback function with a boolean return to control when the call frame instance should be created.

Return type

DailyCallThe DailyCall instance.

Sample code

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