You can update any integration by calling setCustomIntegrations() on your Daily Prebuilt frame.

See the documentation for the customIntegrations property of the DailyCall to learn how to set custom integrations in a Daily Prebuilt call.


Setting a Miro integration

Updating access control for the Miro integration

Setting the controlledBy integration property to 'owners' ensures that the Miro integration can only be started or stopped by participants who joined the call with an owner meeting token.

Setting shared to true results in integration state (i.e., whether Miro is currently being shown in Prebuilt) being propagated to all other participants who have this integration configured.

In this way, meeting owners can toggle the appearance of Miro within Daily Prebuilt for all other participants.

For participants to actually receive an integration's shared state, they need the integration's configuration set on their client. When an integration is configured to be shared, only its identifier is shared with other participants, not the entire configuration object.