A GET request to /recordings/:id/access-link creates and returns a recording access link.

The valid_for_secs query parameter is optional, and specifies the number of seconds into the future this link will remain valid for. If not provided as a parameter, valid_for_secs defaults to 3600 seconds (one hour). Due to constrains on STS Token validity duration, recording links at max be valid for 12 hours, and minimum for 15 mins for recordings stored in customers bucket.

The response body for a successful request contains an object with two properties: download_link, and expires.

The download_link is a cryptographically signed, time-limited, direct link to a .mp4 file stored on Amazon S3. (The specific fact of S3 storage should be considered an implementation detail, which might change in the future.)

The expires property is a unix timestamp after which the download_link will no longer work.

Path params

Query param

Example request

This method has no side effects on the server. (That's why it's a GET request rather than a POST request.)