Get list of jobs

GET /batch-processor

This endpoint retrieves a list of jobs that were submitted to the batch processor.

Request parameters

This endpoint supports the same pagination and filtering options as other endpoints. Additional paramters are listed in the following table:

Query parameterDescriptionDefaultExample
recordingIdFilters jobs by a recording idnulluuiasdfe-8ba2-4ee6-bd15-003a92c18245

Response definitions


Attribute NameTypeDescriptionExample
total_countintegerThe total count of the query10
datalistList of jobs[...]

In the data object:

Attribute NameTypeDescriptionExample
idstringThe id of the job"3ab8faa2-8ba2-4ee6-bd15-003a92c18245"
presetstringThe preset given when submitting the job"recordingId"
statusstringThe status of the job. One of: ["submitted", "processing", "finished", "error"]"finished"