Gets the user's current access state, which is an object with the fields:

  • access: the user's current meeting access
  • awaitingAccess (optional): access the user might be waiting to be granted, after requesting it via requestAccess()

access can be one of:

  • 'unknown': the user's access hasn't yet been determined by preAuth()-ing or join()-ing.
  • { level: 'none'}: the user isn't allowed to join the meeting. If you haven't join()-ed yet, don't bother—it will fail.
  • { level: 'lobby' }: the user is allowed to join the meeting, but will be hidden from other participants and vice versa until you requestAccess().
  • { level: 'full' }: the user is allowed to join the meeting as a full participant.

awaitingAccess can only be { level: 'full' }.