Installing the Daily Client SDK for iOS

Minimum iOS version

The Daily Client SDK for iOS requires iOS ≥ 13.0.

Swift Package Manager

In Xcode, go to File -> Add Packages... and enter the following URL in 'Search or Enter Package URL' textbox in the top right corner of that window:

Pick the desired dependency rule (under “Dependency Rule”), as well as build target (under “Add to Project”) and click “Add Package”.


Add the following line to your Podfile file:

pod 'Daily', '~> 0.9.0'

At which point it might look something like this:

target 'MyApp' do pod 'Daily', '~> 0.9.0' end

App setup

You will need to update your project's Info.plist to add three new entries with the following keys:

  • NSCameraUsageDescription
  • NSMicrophoneUsageDescription
  • UIBackgroundModes

For the first two key's values, provide user-facing strings explaining why your app is asking for camera and microphone access.

UIBackgroundModes is handled slightly differently and will resolve to an array. For its first item, specify the value voip. This ensures that audio will continue uninterrupted when your app is sent to the background.

To add the new entries through Xcode, open the Info.plist and add the following three entries:

Privacy - Camera Usage DescriptionString"Daily Playground needs camera access to work"
Privacy - Microphone Usage DescriptionString"Daily Playground needs microphone access to work"
Required background modesArray1 item
---> Item 0String"App provides Voice over IP services"

If you view the raw file contents of Info.plist, it should look like this:

<string>Daily Playground needs camera access to work</string>
<string>Daily Playground needs microphone access to work</string>

To learn more about building an app with the Daily Client SDK for iOS, see our mobile SDK guide and iOS demo app.