requestAccess({{access}, name})

Requests additional access in the current meeting.

Returns a Promise that resolves with an object containing:

  • access: the new access, of the form { level: 'none' | 'lobby' | 'full' }*
  • granted: whether or not your access request has been granted

The only valid access to request right now is { level: 'full' }, and it can only be done from an access of { level: 'lobby'}.

Requesting access causes the user to appear in the meeting owner's waitingParticipants() set, following a waiting-participant-added event.

Calling requestAccess() again with a new name causes the user's entry in the meeting owner's waitingParticipants() set to be updated, following a waiting-participant-updated event.

*Note: there is a quirk today that, if you request full access and are denied, you receive a response with { level: 'lobby' }, even though the user will subsequently be immediately kicked out of the meeting with an error event.