updateLiveStreaming({instanceId, layout })


Allows you to update the layout of live stream that you previously started with startLiveStreaming(). Note that the participant who initiates this must be an owner or a streaming admin (someone with the 'streaming' value in their canAdmin permission).

Daily offers a "baseline" composition option via the "custom" layout preset for customizing your video layouts while live streaming. This option allows for even more flexibility while using Daily's live streaming API.

Review our Video Component System (VCS) guide or VCS Simulator for additional information and code examples.

Many VCS properties use a "grid unit". The grid unit is a designer-friendly, device-independent unit. The default grid size is 1/36 of the output's minimum dimension. In other words, 1gu = 20px on a 720p stream and 30px on a 1080p stream. Learn more about grid units in our [VCS SDK docs](/reference/vcs/layout-api#the-grid-unit).

Baseline composition properties

See startLiveStreaming() for the full property list available.