A POST request to /webhooks/:uuid updates your webhook.

This endpoint allows you to update the given webhook. You can subscribe to new events or alter your url. You can also use this endpoint to re-activate a webhook that has entered a failed state - just use the same url as before, and Daily will verify that the endpoint is connectable and turn the webhook back on.

When updating a webhook via the POST /webhooks endpoint, Daily will send a request to the webhook server with a test request body. If we do not receive a 200 status code relatively quickly, we will consider the endpoint faulty and return a 400 error. It can be helpful to return a response immediately before handling the event to avoid webhook disruptions.

Path params


The uuid of the webhook.

Body params


The webhook server endpoint that was provided.


The basic auth credentials that will be used to POST to the webhook URL.


The retry configuration for this webhook endpoint to use. The default is circuit-breaker.

Options: "circuit-breaker","exponential"

The set of event types this webhook is subscribed to.


A secret that can be used to verify the signature of the webhook.

Example requests