Ejects participants from an ongoing meeting. In the case of success, the ids of ejected participants are returned in ejectedIds. If one or more participants are not found, the call is still considered successful - examine the ejectedIds value to determine exactly which participants were ejected.

In the case of an error, returns an HTTP error with information about the error in the response body.

The participants to be ejected may be identified by participant id or by the user_id specified in a meeting token. If ban is true, any user_id values given are remembered while the meeting is active, and participants are prevented from (re)joining with that user_id. (The lists of "banned" user_ids are not guaranteed to persist forever - they are stored in memory in running servers and some operations, such as software updates, reset the lists. But for most practical purposes, this mechanism may be used to prevent unwanted users from rejoining a meeting.)

See the documentation for the in-call updateParticipant method for an alternative mechanism for ejecting participants.

Path params


The name of the room.

Body params


List of participant ids (max 100) to eject from the existing meeting session.

List of user_ids (max 100) to eject from the existing meeting session.


If true, participants are prevented from (re)joining with the given user_ids.

Default: false

Example requests