<DailyAudio />

The DailyAudio component manages audio for a Daily call in your React app. With default settings it will play any remote audio and screenAudio tracks, while maintaining up to 5 speaker slots. In case one of the <audio> tags fails to play, DailyAudio will call onPlayFailed with detailed information and a reference to the <audio> tag for which the play() failed.

DailyAudio is meant to be a plug-and-play solution to audio for React apps integrating Daily. If you need a custom audio composition head over to DailyAudioTrack.

Props (optional)

maxSpeakersnumberDefines the amount of participants that can be heard simultaneously. Defaults to 5
onPlayFailedFunctionCallback when an <audio> tag fails to play()
playLocalScreenAudiobooleanWhen set to true the local participant's screenAudio will be played. Defaults to false

Sample code