Daily provides a number of demo apps to showcase a wide range of use cases, features, and functionalities available through our APIs.

Visit our daily-demos GitHub page to stay up to date with our most current demo apps.

We typically have accompanying blog tutorials to walk through how demos have been built. Read our blog and company Twitter for more information on recent tutorials.

We've curated a list of some of our most popular, useful, and current demo apps available for developers looking for example code to help build their own video or audio apps with Daily APIs. This is not a complete list; see our GitHub page for all available demo apps.

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Daily's Examples monorepo

Fitness demo app UI

This monorepo of demo apps demonstrates how to build a wide variety of functionality related to Daily APIs and use cases, including:

  • Live streaming
  • Active speaker mode
  • Reactions (e.g. "flying emojis")
  • Transcription
  • Pagination
  • Custom text-based chat

The Examples monorepo leverages a set of custom, shared components used throughout the various demos.

Demo apps included showcase both custom implementations, as well as examples of how to embed Daily Prebuilt.

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Custom Daily video app with Daily React

Custom Daily React demo home screen

This app demonstrates how to build a custom video chat app UI using daily-js.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-participant chat
  • Error handling
  • Prejoin UI for device management
  • Screen sharing

Source code can be used as an example of how to build common video app functionality using Daily React, Daily's library of custom React hooks that simplify your video and audio app code even more.

View source code | View related tutorials

Daily live transcription

Daily offers live transcription for real-time video calls. This Next.js demo app showcases how to use Daily's transcription API and display transcription results live in your video app UI.

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Spatialization and navigating 2D interactive spaces

Spatialization demo UI with multiple participants

As more conversations move online, it has become more popular to build 2D worlds that participants can physically navigate to interact with others. Daily has built a TypeScript spatialization demo app to show how to handle track subscription, spatial video/audio, and navigating 2D worlds.

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Framework-specific apps

Daily demo apps are commonly written using React or plain JS, which have been most highly requested. To help support a wide range of developer communities, we've built additional demo apps for more custom and Daily Prebuilt implementations.




Web components

Mobile demo apps

Daily offers mobile support for React Native and native libraries (beta).

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Daily Prebuilt demo

Video call interface with one camera on

This demo highlights Daily Prebuilt, and how it can be used to embed a video chat widget in a website or app. The demo also illustrates how to use daily-js methods and events to build custom interfaces that control the call outside of the callframe.

Open Daily Prebuilt demo | View source code.

Chat integrations with 3rd party tools

Daily video and audio APIs are often used alongside other available developer tools. See examples on how to embed Daily video within other text-based chat solutions, as well as how to use other chat solutions inside a Daily Prebuilt call.

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Party line: A multiplatform audio-only app

Party Line app separates speaker and listener icons and displays a code to invite others Party line app in action

We built an audio-only community to showcase how to build audio-only calls in web and mobile apps. Head to the full repository to see examples for different platforms.

Clone the repository | See live demo | Read tutorial

For advice on building audio-only apps in general, see our audio-only guide.

Fullscreen Daily Prebuilt + screenshare chrome extension

This demo highlights Daily Prebuilt, and how it can be embedded and expanded fullscreen in a website or app.

It pairs well with our Chrome extension demo that starts a Daily call and screenshare directly from the browser.

View fullscreen Daily Prebuilt demo code | View live demo | View chrome extension code

Fun fact: this demo, like many things, started on Twitter.

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