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August 3, 2020

Changelog #003

Daily dashboard displays a table of API logs A table of API logs with a set of filter inputs


The focus of the latest release of the dashboard is providing insight into how you are interacting with the API. If you head to https://dashboard.daily.co/developers you will now see API logs!

Detailed view of an API log

A view of a single API log with response body

You can now:

  • View API logs from the last 60 days
  • Find logs of interest through basic filtering
  • Inspect the request and response bodies for API calls
  • Share logs with teammates using a URL

Core call experience

  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly muting and unmuting caused tracks to not be in the proper state
  • Fixed an issue where the camera light might come on after exiting a meeting in rare cases
  • Improved lots of internal backend code related to API logs and showing them in the dashboard

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