September 17, 2020

Changelog #005


The dashboard continues to become your team's best friend. You can now view all of your session information for both live and past meetings on the new Sessions tab.

  • View all of your sessions along with metadata like start time, duration, and number of participants
  • Access details about any specific session to see which participants joined, how long they were in a meeting, and whether their connection experience packet loss
  • See how many meetings are happening in real time on the Overview tab

Daily dashboard displays session details All your session data in one place!

In addition:

  • Teams using HIPAA compliant video chat can now create and modify rooms from the Rooms tab
  • Improved the 404 page to help you get back on track more quickly
  • Fixed an accessibility issue where menus weren't keyboard accessible
  • Fixed an issue where newly created rooms wouldn't appear right away in the rooms list

Core call experience

  • 🌏  Added language support for 6 new languages ('sv' | 'es' | 'tr' | 'it' | 'ka' | 'jp')
  • 🎥  Fixed rare case where camera light remained on if someone left during a getUserMedia() call
  • ⬛  Fixed black video track issue in call object mode when experimentalChromeVideoMuteLightOff: true, and in SFU mode
  • 📹  Added better support for missing camera and/or mic:
    • fixed an issue resulting from a user having a camera but no mic
    • added better messaging in the camera-error meeting event to include when a camera and/or mic are not detected. ErrorMsg options are now:
      • devices Error : (new) camera and/or mic are not detected. check the values of audioOk and videoOk for which one(s) are not available.
      • not allowed : the user/browser/os has blocked access to the camera and/or mic
      • camera/mic error: other
  • ✅  Improved participant-left handling for websocket signaling when users quickly disconnect and reconnect
  • ✅  Fixed unhandled rejection in mediasoup for AwaitQueue
  • ✅  Fixed reconnect issues on Chrome
  • 📱  Improved detection and messaging for https on iOS

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