November 23, 2020  🦃

Changelog #007

Daily dashboard viewed in dark mode


As you may have noticed, the dashboard is now available in Dark Mode. If you visit Settings you can set this explicitly, or it'll default to match your global system settings.

In the Sessions view for each participant will also see a timeline that visualizes four groups of events:

  • Errors
  • Connection mode changes (P2P, SFU switches)
  • User actions (mic, cam, screenshare on/off)
  • Users joining, leaving, reconnecting

This is a direct response to customer questions around how to best make use of the logs and metrics data. It is meant to be a better entry point into diagnosing call issues.

Daily dashboard viewed in dark mode The event timeline view

Next, we have put in place a data retention policy for logs and metrics according to your plan type:

  • Free: 1 day
  • Launch: 3 days
  • Scale: 21 days
  • Custom options for enterprise plans

In addition, we:

  • 📈  Improved the metrics plotting for longer meetings, making it easier to see and interact with call metrics data
  • ⚛️  Now display logs and metrics for React Native clients

Core Call Experience

  • 🖥  Removed the 2 screenshare limit in call object mode



react-native-daily-js 0.3.0 now supports logs and metrics. You can view them in your Dashboard. daily-js now includes several improvements to support features in react-native-daily-js.


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