May 28, 2021

Changelog #015

daily-js 0.14.0

  • Added byDeviceInUse as a possible participants() property. Now, when Daily can't access a camera on Windows because another app is using it, participants() will be set to true, and a 'participant-updated' event will fire. This sets you up to handle the use case (say, by showing a prompt asking your user to close other apps that might be using the camera).

react-native-daily-js 0.11.0

  • Fixed setNativeInCallAudioMode().
  • Synced Daily's react-native-webrtc fork with the upstream version 1.89.2, which contains a more modern M89 build of libwebrtc (we were previously relying on M75). With this update, you can make release builds on iOS that leverage bitcode (see README for details). Some things to keep in mind:
    • Since @daily-co/react-native-webrtc is specified as a peer dependency of react-native-daily-js, you'll need to update your project to depend on the appropriate version. You should get a warning at npm install time about the version you need—heed it.
    • iOS 10 and below are no longer supported starting with this version.
    • Use of the Chrome debugger is no longer supported due to a change (Android, iOS) in the upstream react-native-webrtc. We recommend instead using the Safari debugger for debugging JavaScript on iOS.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • We switched the default signaling_impl for all Daily domains to "ws" (WebSocket signaling) to increase connection speed and network reliability across calls.

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