July 7, 2021

Changelog #016

Daily Prebuilt video call mobile display Our revamped mobile Prebuilt

The engineering team has been working diligently to improve your Daily Prebuilt experience, especially on mobile.

Daily Prebuilt

Completely redesigned mobile client, including:

  • A home page that highlights the active speaker and screen shares.
  • Additional pages that can be swiped through to reveal up to 3 remote video feeds.
  • A new controller bar at the bottom of the UI which shows page position, participant count, and the name of * the screen sharer.
  • Mobile UI now runs exclusively on touch enabled tablets and phones.
  • Lots of performance improvements!


  • Improved audio playback when a Bluetooth device is disconnected.
  • Drastically improved active speaker switching performance on mobile.
  • Updated participant bar to prioritize participants with cameras on.
  • Participant bar scroll position is now preserved after open/close.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong active speaker might be displayed on join, thanks to a bug fix shipped with daily-js 0.15.0
  • Added new icons for Firefox.
  • Updated German translations.

Core call experience

  • Fixed issue where a participants’ audio failed to send at join time if the room/token had start_video_offand start_audio_off and then immediately called setLocalAudio(true) setLocalVideo(true).
  • Fixed an issue with Daily Prebuilt that could cause multiple meeting moves at the start of a call when the lobby is enabled.
  • Reduced superfluous error logs generated as fallout from a stale websocket.
  • Fixed issue causing stopLiveStreaming() to fail.
  • Self-signed meeting tokens with is_ownerset to true can now start recordings.