August 3, 2021

Changelog #017

Daily Prebuilt video call mobile display Explore new custom colors in Daily Prebuilt.

Daily Prebuilt

  • 🎨 You can now customize colors in Daily Prebuilt! Pass your own hex codes as a theme property to join() or createFrame(), or use the new setTheme() method. See the full guide.
  • 🌗 Daily Prebuilt’s default light and dark color themes have been updated (and can now be overridden with the color theming feature).
  • 💨 In speaker view, when scrolling the participant bar, remote video feeds will be displayed faster.
  • 📞 Added support for the recent-call parameter, when using the redirect_on_meeting_exit property.
  • 🤫 Meeting owners will now see an option to mute all participants.
  • 🎙 Updated the microphone level indicator to reflect when a participant changes their audio device.
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug so that the lobby’s name entry screen no longer flashes when a name is cached or provided via a token.

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