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Changelog #005 - 2020-09-17

9 months ago by Phil Miller

Week of Sept 18, 2020


The dashboard continues to become your team's best friend. You can now view all of your session information for both live and past meetings on the new Sessions tab.

  • View all of your sessions along with metadata like start time, duration, and number of participants
  • Access details about any specific session to see which participants joined, how long they were in a meeting, and whether their connection experience packet loss
  • See how many meetings are happening in real time on the Overview tab

All your session data in one place!

In addition:

  • Teams using HIPAA compliant video chat can now create and modify rooms from the Rooms tab
  • Improved the 404 page to help you get back on track more quickly
  • Fixed an accessibility issue where menus weren't keyboard accessible
  • Fixed an issue where newly created rooms wouldn't appear right away in the rooms list

Core call experience

  • 🌏 Added language support for 6 new languages ('sv' | 'es' | 'tr' | 'it' | 'ka' | 'jp')
  • 🎥Fixed rare case where camera light remained on if someone left during a getUserMedia() call
  • ⬛Fixed black video track issue in call object mode when experimentalChromeVideoMuteLightOff: true, and in SFU mode
  • :video-camera: Added better support for missing camera and/or mic:
    • fixed an issue resulting from a user having a camera but no mic
    • added better messaging in the camera-error meeting event to include when a camera and/or mic are not detected. ErrorMsg options are now:
      • devices Error : (new) camera and/or mic are not detected. check the values of audioOk and videoOk for which one(s) are not available.
      • not allowed : the user/browser/os has blocked access to the camera and/or mic
      • camera/mic error: other
  • :white-check-mark: Improved participant-left handling for websocket signaling when users quickly disconnect and reconnect
  • :white-check-mark: Fixed unhandled rejection in mediasoup for AwaitQueue
  • :white-check-mark: Fixed reconnect issues on Chrome
  • :iphone: Improved detection and messaging for https on iOS

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