October 26, 2020

Changelog #006

Introducing call logs and metrics

All Daily calls now expose logs and metrics, so you can dig into your video call quality.

  • Logs provide a record of the events that take place during a call.
  • Metrics are WebRTC stats that help you understand and characterize video call quality and performance. You can view these new features either in your dashboard or through the new /logs endpoint.


In the recently launched Sessions tab, you can now explore an individual participant’s session data. There you’ll find their call logs and metrics, along with other participant details.

Participant and session details in the Daily dashboaard Explore participant and session details from the Daily dashboard.


The /logs endpoint returns even more granular detail about your calls, including track level details. Check out a walkthrough on our blog, see the endpoint in action through the Daily Call Explorer, or read our full documentation.

react-native-daily-js (public beta)

react-native-daily-js gives React Native developers access to the same APIs and server-side infrastructure that powers daily-js web calls. It:

  • Brings the Daily call object to mobile devices, so developers can access call primitives, respond to call events, and build entirely custom, native video chat experiences.
  • Handles connections between callers, including all the quirks that can come up when participants are on different browsers and devices.
  • Provides access to participants’ network stats, enabling call-quality insights.

Read the full announcement on our blog, or experiment with our playground repository.

Call experience and other updates

  • 🔍  Shipped search in the dashboard, so you can look up specific session, room, and participant information more quickly
  • ✨  Refreshed our brand, launching a new Daily homepage and dropping the ".co"
  • 🚦  Shipped a new status page
  • 🔒  Improved account security by introducing extra email verification for new accounts
  • ✅  Released daily-js version 0.9.994: Added preload support to enable later performance improvements once a call loads Improved TypeScript declarations to better separate React Native and web functionality Fixed a bug related to mic enablement on iOS meetings, so call events continue even when app is backgrounded
  • ✅  Added support for teams using multiple subdomains for sharing links to different sessions, participants, and API logs
  • ✅  Fixed some bugs related to inviting and joining a team
  • ✅  changeFixed a bug where certain expired rooms weren’t marked as expired

Search in the Daily dashboard Search for session, room, and participant information from the dashboard.

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