February 22, 2021

Changelog #010

Daily Developer page screenshot with cards for embedding video chat, building from scratch on mobile or desktop, and the API

We launched a new docs landing page! Have a look when you get a chance, and read on for more updates.

daily-js 0.9.999 and react-native-daily-js 0.7.1

  • 🔌  All new Daily domains now default to web socket signaling. Using web sockets makes muting, unmuting, and changing track subscriptions faster.
  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧  You can now update all participants on a call at once when you pass * to the updateParticipants() method. For example, here's how you'd subscribe to all participants' media tracks: callObject.updateParticipants({'*': {setSubscribedTracks: true}});.
  • 🚪  The room() method now returns comprehensive config properties, including both explicitly-set and default values. To only see explicitly-set properties, pass in a new {includeRoomConfigDefaults: false} argument. room() now also returns domainConfig properties describing the room's domain.
  • 🎥  recording-started and recording-stopped events now fire for all participants—not just the recorder—when someone starts recording the meeting. Additionally, DailyParticipant objects (the ones returned by participants()) have a new record field that indicates whether the participant is recording.

Performance improvements

  • 📺  Improved our RTMP pipeline performance, and reduced CPU usage during the background generation process. Added support for RTMPS.
  • 🛤  Better track subscription performance, especially when updating multiple tracks.❗️important reminder: if you need to update multiple participants, call the updateParticipants() method once, not updateParticipant() multiple times.

Other bug fixes

  • 🐛  Fixed edge case that ignored max_participants property.
  • ⏰  Adjusted client-side timestamps sent in via logging and telemetry to align with server time.
  • 🖌  UI dashboard updates: centered chevron, added scroll away domain menu and tooltips on hover, new status codes on webhooks in API logs.

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