May 13, 2021

Changelog #014

Four video screens on a Daily Prebuilt video call Introducing the new Daily Prebuilt

We've shipped two new products since we last wrote! Find the full details about Daily Prebuilt and Live Streaming over on the blog. Or, keep reading here for other updates! As always, if you have feedback, we'd love to hear it.

P.s. Join us on Clubhouse! We'll be hosting recurring conversations about the creator economy. It'd be great if you could make it.

daily-js 0.13.0

  • 🗺  Added 'lang-updated' event that fires when setDailyLang() is called and changes the call language. The payload includes two values: lang and langSetting. lang is the language currently in effect. langSetting is the value the user explicitly specified (e.g. via setDailyLang()) that resulted in that language ultimately being set. For example, if you call setDailyLang('en'), both your lang and your langSetting will be 'en'. If you call setDailyLang('user'), where 'user' is a special language setting that instructs Daily to use the user’s browser’s language preference, then langSetting will be 'user' and lang will be the language chosen based on the browser setting: 'en', 'fr', 'pt', or any other Daily-supported language.
  • 🎫  Shipped getMeetingSession() method that returns the current meeting session id. A meeting session is a set of one or more people in a room together during a specific time window.
  • ✨  Released 'meeting-session-updated' event that fires when the meeting session changes. One meeting session ends and another begins, for example, when you've been sitting alone in a room for 10 minutes.
  • 🇳🇴  Added Norwegian language support in Daily Prebuilt (language code "no").

react-native-daily-js 0.10.0

  • ⬆️  See above!


  • 🐛  Squashed! If you invoked two or more async methods (like getInputDevices(), room(), requestAccess(), etc.) within the same millisecond, some of those methods might never have resolved.
  • 🚨  When a call-ending error happens while using Daily Prebuilt, the call iframe will no longer be cleared. Instead, a relevant user-friendly error message (which might be an oxymoron) will be displayed.
  • ✅  Improved a11y on Daily Prebuilt close button
  • 🚀  Other Daily Prebuilt performance improvements

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