April 19, 2021

Changelog #013

Example text chat in a React app featuring Winona and Keanu Use the Daily sendAppMessage() method to build a React chat component in our new tutorial.

daily-js 0.12.0

  • 🛤  Built support for custom tracks outside of the standard Daily built-in cam-audio, cam-video, screen-audio, screen-video. Contact us for beta docs.
  • 📈  Enhanced network stats detection
  • ❗️  Created error message to specify if a participant has been ejected-from-meeting
  • 🛑  Added an optional error field to the 'camera-error' and 'error' event payloads, in addition to the existing errorMsg field. This new error field includes a type (which you can think of as an error code but a string constant) and an optional localizedMsg, which can provide you with a localized UI-friendly message describing the error. See index.d.ts's DailyCameraErrorType and DailyFatalErrorType for supported error types so far.
  • ❌  Improved preauth for expired or invalid meeting tokens and rooms
  • 🗺  Shipped getDailyLang(), which returns a Promise that resolves to { lang: <language>, langSetting: <specified language> }, telling you both the language actually in effect and the language you've specified. For example, if you've specified 'user' as your language, getDailyLang() might return { lang: 'en', langSetting: 'user'}.
  • 🌎  Added 'user' as a possible value when invoking setDailyLang() or as a lang property when invoking join(), preAuth(), startCamera(), or factory methods like createFrame(). 'user' instructs Daily to use the user's preferred language as specified by the browser.

react-native-daily-js 0.9.0

  • ❗️  See the ejected-from-meeting, preauth, and 'error' event payload updates above.

Bugfixes and other improvements

  • 🐛  Updated error handling for revoked camera and mic permissions mid-call
  • 👋  So long, Edge 18, it's been a wild ride. supportedBrowser().supported now returns false for Edge 18.

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