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October 28, 2021

Example video call with background image blurred. Text reads background blur over the image

daily-js 0.21.0

  • Beta ✨ Blur participant backgrounds on Daily video calls via a new inputSettings DailyIframe property or updateInputSettings() method.
  • Beta ✨ Determine whether a browser supports background blur by checking the supportsVideoProcessing property returned by supportedBrowser().
  • 🎥 All recording-started events now include the type of recording started ("local", "cloud", "rtp-tracks", "output-byte-stream", or "cloud-beta"). When the type is "cloud-beta" or "rtp-tracks", the recording-started event will also include startedBy with the participant id of the person who started the recording. "cloud-beta" recordings will also include the same layout property as live streaming events.
  • ☁️ The "cloud-beta" recording type now emits recording-started and recording-stopped events.
  • 🇷🇺 Added Russian language support. Set the DailyIframe lang property to "ru", or pass "ru" to setDailyLang() to specify Russian as the language of choice.

Daily Prebuilt

  • Beta ✨ Toggle background blur participant controls in Daily Prebuilt. The new enable_video_processing_ui property, avaliable at the room or domain level, displays a UI that allows participants to blur or unblur their backgrounds. This property defaults to true (showing the controls) if not explicitly set to false.
  • 📜 Chat history is now visible to all participants during a call, even if they join after the call (and witty side banter) started.
  • 🎥 Added support for "cloud-beta" recording.
  • 🙅‍♀️ Improved Safari 15 blocked device handling.
  • 🤳 Updated the tray buttons and Leave button locations on mobile.
  • 🔘 Improved usability of the Share and Record stop buttons.
  • 🐛 Other bug fixes and improvements.

Daily Dashboard

  • 🌫 Enable or disable enable_video_processing_ui for your domain or room to toggle beta background blur controls in Daily Prebuilt.
  • 🇷🇺 Set "ru" as the language for a room.