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API Reference

Iframes, mobile devices, and browser support

Under the covers, our front-end library creates an iframe to embed a video call into your web page or native app.

If you don't want to write any front-end code at all, you can send Daily video call room links to your users directly. (Most developers, though, will want to embed video calls into their own front-end interfaces).

Browser support

We support the following web browsers:

  • Chrome 74 and above
  • Safari 12.1 and above
  • Firefox 66 and above
  • Microsoft Edge 74 and above. Versions of Microsoft Edge prior to 74 can only participate in 1 to 1 calls and not group calls.
  • Electron 6 and above
  • iOS Safari only. Please note iOS users cannot join with iOS Chrome. This is a general WebRTC requirement, due to Apple's limiting full camera and microphone access to Safari.
  • Android Chrome

Screen sharing

  • To start a screen share, a user must be on desktop. A user can start a screen share from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on desktop.
  • To clarify, all browsers can view screen shares. A mobile user can see a screen share (but only a call participant on desktop can share their screen).

Mobile support

  • iOS 12.1 and later versions
  • Android 5.0 and above with current security and platform updates

If you are starting calls from a web application on iOS, it usually makes sense to open a new tab because mobile device screen sizes tend to be small enough that there's not much room to embed the call as an iframe.

If you are starting a call from within a native application, you have to open a Safari tab from your application, because the native iOS WebView component does not (yet) allow access to the necessary camera, microphone, and network protocols.

We provide a couple of configuration parameters that help streamline the user flow into and out of a new Safari tab, though. See Customizing the in-call UI, below.

On Android, you can embed calls inside a WebView in your application.

For more information on embedding Daily calls in native mobile apps, please see this blog post.

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