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Experiment in the dashboard

Daily dashboard

We designed the dashboard as a sort of playground for you to get to know Daily and experiment with call features. One of the first things you can do from the dashboard is create a Daily room URL.

Opening a Daily room URL directly in your web browser is the fastest way to test out our ready-to-use, prebuilt video chat. After creating the room URL in the dashboard, you can open it in a new browser tab to immediately test Daily’s video call interface.


Using room URLs in the browser is great for testing, and can be useful for quick team meetings. BUT, you’ll want your production-ready video calls to be on your own domain. And, if you’re planning on building a HIPAA compliant application, Daily room URLs must be embedded. Read more about HIPAA compliance and Daily, or jump to the prebuilt UI guide.

Jump in: Go to the dashboard

Step by step guide: create a Daily room URL from the dashboard

  1. Go to https://dashboard.daily.co. Make sure you've signed up for an account if you haven't already.
  2. Click the "Rooms" tab in the left rail.
  3. Click the "Create Room" button in the top-right corner.

Create room URLs from the Daily dashboard.

  1. Configure the room settings.

You can set configuration properties on any Daily room. By default, rooms will be public with cameras and microphones enabled. If you don’t enter a meeting name, a random one will be securely generated for you. More advanced configuration properties can also be set, like enabling or disabling text chat and screen sharing, room expiration, and owner-only broadcast. You can read about all the different room configuration properties in our reference docs.

Set room configuration properties in the Daily dashboard.

  1. Click create room.
  2. Copy the URL to your clipboard, and paste it in a new browser tab.

Once you’re done experimenting with Daily room settings in the dashboard, you’re ready to move on to embed the Daily prebuilt UI in your own app, or to build a custom video chat interface.

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Experiment in the dashboard

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